Why Define Halifax?

A strong place brand will rally our community behind a common message about what makes our region great. It will guide and inspire the way we act, engage and deliver our experience. It is the story of who we are and where we’re going.

The Process

More than 20,000 people engaged in our consultation process through focus groups, one on one meetings, telephone and online surveys, postcards, website visits and social media channels.

People told us… be authentic, be friendly, be dynamic, be optimistic, be bold.

The Halifax Brand

Halifax is a place that offers a balanced lifestyle – accessibility, friendliness, natural beauty and a small-town feel with the amenities, culture and opportunities of a modern urban centre. As home to some of the brightest minds and best educational institutions in the world, Halifax is forward thinking, resilient and resourceful. Halifax is an energetic, caring community that embraces creativity and innovation.

Brand Benefits - the key features, attributes and properties of Halifax.

Brand benefits:

For Residents…

  • Liveability and work-life balance
  • Culture and vibrancy of a major centre with small town feel
  • Affordable compared to many other centres
  • Proximity to urban amenities, natural beauty and the ocean
  • Cultural, arts, recreation, entertainment, education, restaurants and shopping within a 30-minute drive from anywhere
  • A great place to raise a family, a wonderful sense of community
Brand benefits:

For Business...

  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Excellent educational institutions and research facilities
  • Diverse and stable economy
  • Strategic location makes us an ideal hub to access world markets, including our deep-water port
  • Easy to network and connect with community business leaders
Brand benefits:

For Visitors...

  • Rich mix of history and modern
  • Natural beauty
  • Friendly people
  • Culture
  • Easy to get to and easy to get around

The Personality
of Halifax:


Our Values...

are the fundamental principles we live every day as a community.


We care deeply about each other. Although our geographic boundaries are large, we remain a close-knit community where people feel safe and every citizen has the opportunity to be involved and engaged. We are a fun loving, caring and unique society who know how to work together.


We are resilient and resourceful. It’s part of our history. We encourage and embrace new ways to move the region forward and new ideas that enhance the lives of our citizens. The artistic and creative industries are important elements of our cultural fabric.


We are home to some of the brightest minds and best educational institutions in the world. We tap into that knowledge to take advantage of current opportunities and create new ones. We believe in forward thinking and sustainable solutions, not quick fixes that won’t stand the test of time.


The balanced lifestyle Halifax offers is one of our greatest strengths – accessibility, friendliness, natural beauty and small town feel with the amenities, culture and opportunities of a modern urban centre.

Our Brand Promise...

A brand promise is the experience we promise to the world. Because our brand is not about what we say we are, it’s about what we do.

Residents told us loud and clear that for Halifax to grow, prosper and thrive, we need to be bold.

This is our brand promise: Be Bold. It is the character we want people to expect of us and what we want to expect of ourselves. It is the driving force behind how we succeed in putting our best foot forward. It is the spirit of our collective intentions and aspirations.

Be Bold is not a tag line or a slogan. It’s what inspires our visual identity and guides all future marketing initiatives. And if taglines or slogans are used in our branding efforts, they will be informed by the brand promise.

What Does “Be Bold” Mean?

Bold is all around us. It is the spirit of our city.

Bold is an attitude. It is courageous and powerful.

Bold is how rich history meets progressive thinking.

Bold is about creating opportunities and conditions for our people and businesses to thrive.

Bold encourages collaboration and fosters our creative, energetic spirit.

Bold develops and embraces innovative ideas. Bold enhances the lives of our citizens.

Bold is skilled, open-minded, optimistic and hard working people creating a climate for success.

Bold is the vision to become a global city, not by size, but through culture, imagination and innovation. Bold will give us a place on the world stage.

Bold proudly celebrates the rewarding, balanced lifestyle that’s envied by others.

Bold doesn’t sit around waiting for something good to happen.

Bold is in our contrasts. It is as vivid, spirited, and rambunctious... as it is peaceful, quiet and serene.

Bold doesn’t forget how we all got here. It is mature and wise. It is youthful and curious.

Bold is trying new things. It is meeting new people.

Bold is putting yourself out there...and cheering on anyone else taking a risk.

Bold is a state of mind, a way of being, the license to take one more step.

Bold has made it happen for over 260 years. Through world wars and catastrophe. Through every political twist and turn, every ebb and flow, and all the lines drawn in the sand, erased, then drawn again.

Bold is a collective spirit called Halifax. Bold is our new Central Library and the Emera Oval. Bold is the Mooseheads trading for Nathan MacKinnon.

We are 400,000 people living in 200 urban, suburban and rural communities.

But we are one. We are Halifax.

Our Identity

Our Identity brings the brand to life.

We are Halifax. Period. We do not define ourselves as HRM, or Halifax Regional Municipality or Hal-Dart-Bed-Sack-Sambro Harbour.

Secondary Colours

Geometric shapes Alternate shapes

Geometric Shapes. To complement the identity - two overlapping X’s from the Halifax logo create a unique geometric design feature similar to a compass rose – and nod to our historic nautical past. This design feature produces multiple configurations of angles and colour combinations for a variety of applications with and without the logo – each time creating a unique, undeniable energy that gives a sense of direction and forward movement.

Conceptual rendering


Conceptual rendering

Halifax Bus Airport Airport Signage

Conceptual rendering

business card envelope

Conceptual rendering

alternate logo alternate logo alternate logo alternate logo police cruiser sign

Conceptual rendering

What Next?

The goal of this branding project was to articulate a single rallying cry that would connect our pride, help us put our best foot forward, and show the world what a great place our region is to live, work, invest and visit.

Findings from extensive public engagement and research were compiled and analyzed in order to reveal the region’s brand, which received support from Regional Council on April 15, 2014.

Over the coming days and months, the brand will be implemented through a phased-in approach.

We will continue to provide updates as details regarding the brand roll out are confirmed.

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We would like to acknowledge the partners who played a key role in defining Halifax.

The people of Halifax
Regional Council
Staff of the Halifax Regional Municipality
Greater Halifax Partnership
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